Sidqi & Sidqi Advocates (S&S Advocates) is a boutique law firm dedicated it self to providing the best legal services in the areas of commercial and litigation for each entity which is a user of the existing legal services. The Law Firm of S&S Advocates is founded with the spirit of synergy by harmonizing between legal and business aspects. Our firm realizes that legal aspects are always related to and associated with other aspects, thus the approach that we are offering is the integrative one which does not rely only on a single aspect. Our firm is committed to providing solutions and comprehensive legal settlement for the users of legal services amidst uncertainty of existing law enforcement. Our firm is determined to provide legal services in the aspects that we have mastered well with high quality results and provide problem solving.

For the purposes of building a reputation and corporate image, the Law Firm of S&S Advocates establishes corporate communications, both with users of legal services, governmental elements, and mass media. The reputation of the Law Firm of S&S Advocates will be developed either when the users of legal services receive adequate information or conclude based on their own experience dealing and using the services of the Law Firm of S&S Advocates. Of such information and experience, the reputation and the image are formed. A good reputation and image in turn will create satisfaction. In the long term, satisfaction of users of legal services leads to loyalty to always use the services of the Law Firm of S&S Advocates, which is consistent with the philosophy that we hold, namely: We should put users of legal services as premium customers and provide them with excellentservices.

Sidqi & Sidqi Advocates (S&S Advocates) was established by Sexio Yuni Noor Sidqi, S.H., MH. and Tri Martini, S.H., MH. on 28 July 2014 based on the Notarial Deed No. 2 issued by the Notary Muhammad Hafidz, S.H., M.Kn. Sexio Yuni Noor Sidqi who serves as the Managing Partner is an Advocate/Legal Consultant with a practicing certificate, with experience in legal practice of more than 13 (thirteen) years at the Institute of Legal Consultation and Aid at universities (LKBH FH UII) and several leading law firms based in Jakarta (BT Partnership, Freddy Simatupang & Partners,  Junaidi Tirtanata & Co). This firm is located in a very strategic business center in Mega Kuningan South Jakarta. Our firm conducts a wide variety of legal practice, by providing services for clients regarding national and international importance, in which our clients include firms, banking and non-banking financial institutions, foundations, cooperatives, public services, government agencies, as well as personal and organizational interests.

Our Philosophy


Our law firm always understands and believes that the reputation and the image built without integrity in fact is a weak foundation and is a form of betrayal to the profession of Advocates, and therefore our firm always upholds Integrity which in this context refers to the instrument of ethics code which constitutes the main source for us to apply for the purpose of building relationships with clients and colleagues in a professional manner and every time we provide legal services to our clients.


Our law firm always assumes that in any absolute professional services lie professional values, because that is where the essence of the relationship between service users and service providers. Departing from that point, in any legal services that we provide, we are always oriented to the legal aspects that we have mastered, with an expectation to achieve high quality results, to provide problem solving, which in turn leads to satisfaction from the serviceusers.


Before deciding to accept a case from a client, in accordance with the SOP of our firm, an investigation will be conducted previously in order to avoid conflicts of interest, both the ones that deal with our firm and the ones that deal with the client, to avoid and protect the client from losses that possibly occur. Legal services that we provide to clients are open in nature, the clients can consult with us every legal step that has been or will be taken, including to determine the risks that they have had or that may occur, to protect the achievement of the ultimate goal of theclients.


We are accountable for every legal service that we provide to clients, starting from consultation to assistance to the case (litigation), both in aprefessional manner in terms of the ethics code and the standards of quality (quality of service), our lawyers are competent professionals in their field, have a high spirit of fighting and high competitiveness each time dealing with existing cases, and our commitment as a form of appreciation for the trust that our clients have put, we constantly improve the capacity building of our lawyers by attending legal trainings of National, Regional and International-scales.


“Being one of the best boutique law firm in a regional scale that provides excellent quality of services to clients, by promoting the values of Integrity, Profesional, Quality andTrust”

Our Missions

Providing the best legal services with quality maintained with a quality control system which can be accounted for

Building relationships with colleagues both within national, regional and international contexts through organizations of Advocates in order to realize the independence for the profession of Advocates

Building relationships with other elements of law enforcement as well as with stakeholders and participating actively in rebuilding ideals and images of Indonesia as a country of law with justice


Our law firm is known to have good relations with many law firms both which base in Indonesia and overseas as part of the implementation globalization, our law firm also has relationships with other professional services included Notaries/Land Deed Officials (Indonesian: Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah or PPAT), Public Accountants, Tax Consultants, Office of Appraisal Services, the Center for the Study of Constitutional Laws of FH UII, the Center for the Study of Intellectual Property Rights of FH UII and many more.

In addition, our law firm also builds relationships with all stakeholders in this country, including with government institutions (ministries and agencies under their aegis), Legislative Institutions, Judicial Institutions, other State Agencies and the Institute of Police and Attorney, at all levels oftiers.

As a boutique law firm, we have specialization and expertise in the fields of Criminal Litigation, State Administrative and Constitutional, Commercial Litigation, Energy and Natural Resources, Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payment, Capital Markets, Employment, Sharia Finance and Sharia Microfinance, although our legal firm also masters well other areas of practice.